Alaska Grown $5, Five Month Challenge

From June through October, Alaskans are encouraged to spend $5 each week on Alaska Grown products at their local grocery stores. If every Alaskan participates in the challenge, we will put tens of millions of dollars back into our local economy. For the $5 Alaska Grown Challenge, the Division of Agriculture has partnered with dozens of retailers across the state including Carrs-Safeway, Fred Meyer, Walmart and Three Bears Alaska. These retailers have created specialty Alaska Grown displays in their stores that prominently place and showcase the Alaska Grown products they carry, making it easy for us to find Alaska Grown products to spend $5 per week on.

The challenge runs for the five-month period when Alaska Grown products are most available. Each month, new produce and flowers will be introduced into stores as they become seasonally available. Customers can also spend their $5 per week on year-round Alaska Grown products including meat, fresh eggs and packaged products at their local retailers, specialty stores and Farmer's Markets.

Support our local economy, enjoy fresher, Alaska Grown food and take the weekly $5 Alaska Grown Challenge!