Specialty Crop Grant Projects

To learn about various Specialty Crop grant projects on agricultural research and education in Alaska, please click on the project links below.

Farmers Markets and Food Networks

Interior Alaska Marketing Analysis
SE local food demand
Southcentral AK Agriculture and Food Hub Analysis
Growing Food Networks Connecting Farmers & Buyers
Meet Me at the Market
UAA Farm Stand

Grow Studies

Asparagus variety trials
Cauliflower variety trials
Garlic Production Trials
Rhodiola Research
Specialty Crop Innovation Grants

Marketing Research

Nutritional Quality of Alaska Grown Produce
Potato wedge
Rhubarb Research
Alaska Teacher Scholarship Program
Chef at the Market
Food Safety Workshops
Restaurant Recognition
Specialty Crop to Summer Markets Project
Specialty Crops in Hospital and University Meals

Potato Research

Certified Seed Potato
Postharvest Processing Evaluation of Alaska Grown Potatoes

Peony Specialty Crop Grant Projects

Alaska Peony Cultivation Research and Web Vending Site Dev

Alaska Soil and Peony Plant Nutrient Study

Assessing Alaska Peony Nutrient Requirement to Reduce Cost and Improve Competiveness of the Cut Flower

Identification and Management of Botrytis Gray Mold Species for Alaska's Peony Growers

Impact and Management of Thrips in Alaska Peony Production

Post Harvest Handling Methods for Enhanced Competiveness of Fresh Cut Peonies

Strategies for the Management of Botrytis Gray Mold and Other Pathogens for Alaska's Peony Industry

Testing Herbicides and Insecticides for Pest Management in Peony